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"Impossible, sorry. This model is not available." This is what shoppers hear when they walk through watch store doors hoping to buy one or more of the so-called "untraceable" watches. A total of fifteen affected models, produced by three luxury brands: Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Rolex. And the connoisseurs tear them off. “Every day I get seven to nine requests from Rolex for a steel Daytona or a GMT-Master II Pepsi,” explains Benjamin Zimerman, Heurgon Paris store manager. The problem is, I never know how many coins I will receive and when. "

Panerai Luminor Base Logo 3 days Acciaio

Panerai has become famous for its great retro Italian diver's watches with a retro scent since their introduction in 1993. Although the brand had started producing watches several decades earlier, they were aimed at professionals from the Italian and Egyptian navies. Since 1993, the brand has achieved success with two watches: Radiomir and Luminor, leading the brand's catalog.

Both models have a wide range of configurations, but the entry-level Panerai is the Panerai Luminor Base Logo 3 Days Acciaio. The beauty of this watch lies in the imposing Luminor elements. With an entry-level Panerai, you're embracing the brand's heritage. The iconic Luminor is yours for 4,600 euros.


In 1905, 24-year-old Hans Wilsdorf founded a company specializing in the sale of watches in London. Dreaming of an elegant and reliable watch to wear on the wrist, he equipped his models with small and highly precise movements produced by the Swiss watch company in Biel. In search of a name for his watch, short, easy to pronounce and memorable in all languages, he created Rolex. In 1926, Rolex developed the Oyster, the first waterproof and dust resistant watch. A year later, this watch crossed the English Channel on the wrist of a young English swimmer, who spent 15 hours in the water and came out of it in perfect working order.

In 1931, Rolex developed an automatic rotor winding system that allowed the watch to be wound using wrist movements. This system, called Perpetual, is the source of all the movements used in modern automatic watches today. Starting in the early 1930s, the brand will use its product in sports, aviation, motorsports or research to test and develop Oyster features. From flying over Mount Everest in 1933 to exploring the Mariana Trench at 10,916 meters in 1960, including the speed records of Sir Malcolm Campbell driving a Bluebird in Daytona Beach, or climbing Mount Everest in 1953, Rolex pushed the limits of its models through the development of new technologies. and improve the quality, precision and durability of your replica watches.

The history of Rolex

The Rolex brand was founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf, a young man in the watch business who sought to create a watch that could be worn on the wrist. This type of accessory was not very popular at the time due to its inaccuracy. The Rolex name would be registered in 1908, then based in Geneva in 1919 under the name Rolex S.A Wilsdorf & Davis, and the final Rolex name would be acquired in 1920. His creations would then be controlled and sold in Geneva, with Hans being the sole manager and owner of Rolex at that time.

Over the years, the number of replica Rolex gift for Christmas will increase, including 7 new ones after the end of World War II. Despite Hans' death in 1960, the company continues to this day, enjoying an excellent reputation for prestige, precision and durability.

Submariner Rolex 2020

The new best Submariner replica has two mechanisms. The undated Submariner is powered by the caliber 3230, introduced in 2020, while the Date Submariner is powered by the caliber 3235, both with an excellent 70-hour power reserve and Rolex-specific chronometric precision -2 /+2 seconds per day. There is an undated black Submariner and 7 Submariner Date options, including some new goggles that should please. All available during the month of September, you will have to wait until October for the white and yellow gold versions.

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